If you couldn’t attend the big Applications Unlimited shindig that Oracle threw on January 31, you can still get your hands on some good JD Edwards content that came out of the event. Oracle just posted the slide presentations that Lenley Hensarling (General Manager for EnterpriseOne) and John Schiff (GM for World) gave during breakout sessions at the event. Here are the URLs for the slides.

EnterpriseOne 8.12 Slides


World A9.1 Slides


Sadly, it appears that nobody recorded Hensarling’s or Schiff’s presentations so that we could all hear their comments on these slides. That said, there are revelations in these slides that deserve attention. Here are some examples.

A Longer Road Map for EnterpriseOne. Hensarling discussed a road map for EnterpriseOne that includes a new Version 9.0 that is anticipated to ship in 2008 along with a new Release 8.97 of EnterpriseOne Tools. In late 2009 or early 2010, Version 9.1 is slated to ship along with E1 Tools Release 8.98. This means that new EnterpriseOne releases will be delivered well after the first Fusion Applications are delivered next year.

Dashboards are the Rage. Hensarling also made it clear that Oracle will ship a growing number of prepackaged dashboards that provide role-based operational analytics to different employees. Customers will be able to modify the dashboards or use tools to create entirely new ones.

G-Log and Demantra Integration. Oracle also intends to deepen the integration between EnterpriseOne, G-Log, and Demantra over the course of this year. G-Log specializes in transportation and supply logistics management while Demantra focuses on demand management and trade promotions.

Customers Kicking World A9.1 Tires. In his presentation on World A9.1, Schiff identified a number of companies that are “interested” in A9.1, ranging from manufacturers like LaSalle Bristol to government agencies like the Manatee County School District. Undoubtedly, several of the companies shown in the slides are part of the private beta test for A9.1.

The SOA-ification of World. Schiff also identified 36 web services that will be delivered with A9.1, including services for accessing and modifying the address book, customer master, general ledger, and sales orders. Schiff also pledged that the World web services library will be expanded on a quarterly basis.

Making Upgrades Easier. Schiff also provided more detail than in the past about the tools Oracle will provide customers to smooth the upgrade path to A9.1. They will include a tool that identifies and assesses customizations on a customer’s current release, a net change analyzer, and a report management tool that cleans up reports generated in Dream Writer, FASTR, and STAR for use in A9.1.

These and other revelations provide evidence that both the EnterpriseOne and World teams are making good progress on their development road map. While most of the credit for that progress has to go to the teams themselves, Oracle headquarters deserves kudos as well. By letting JD Edwards run as a distinct business unit with GMs and by maintaining its development teams intact, Oracle gave the folks in Denver the resources they needed to deliver on aggressive release schedules.

Now if only Oracle could do as good of a job of making the world aware that EnterpriseOne and World are viable long-term options, we would have a perfect world! But instead of using this article to rant about marketing strategies, I would just encourage you to check out the latest slides. Then, use the comment box below to fire off any ideas or queries you might have about development and marketing issues. I’ll do what I can to respond to them here and in future posts.