A couple of weeks ago, a JD Edwards Advisor reader left a comment on one of our seldom-viewed pages that made me realize we were not being as helpful as we should. The question was, “You say this is a web site where we can get answers to our JD Edwards questions. So where on the site do I ask my question?”

Hmmm…that is a good question! Today, we are providing that person (and the rest of you) with the answer. If you look at the menu bar, you will see that we now have an Ask a Question page where you can fire away at us with whatever burning question you have about EnterpriseOne, World, and anything related to the applications. If we don’t have the answer, we’ll make a good faith effort to find someone who does. Even if you don’t have a question, we bet you will learn something from the answers we give to other readers. So stop by our new page on a regular basis…and don’t be afraid to speak up.