If you run EnterpriseOne and are finding that your pre-payroll processing runs are coming up with incorrect figures, you are not alone. Our consultants have noticed that a number of EnterpriseOne shops are having similar problems with their pre-payroll runs. The errors do not seem to be restricted to any particular server or software platform, as some of the afflicted sites run on Intel systems and Microsoft’s SQL Server while others run on IBM’s System i and DB2.

While we have seen similar spates of payroll problems, the latest batch seems to be cropping up most often on Enterprise 8.11. It also appears that many of the pre-payroll problems are occurring when foreign currency calculations are involved. Indeed, one EnterpriseOne 8.11 SP1 user that we’ve spoken with found that when they turned foreign currency calculations off, their pre-payroll ran just fine. Upon studying their debug logs, they discovered gibberish in a currency code field. When they showed the log to Oracle, the vendor modified the code and the problem disappeared.

In short, if you’re running EnterpriseOne (8.11 in particular) and perform foreign currency calculations, you may be running into problems sooner or later, if not already. Ask Oracle Support about the matter and share this article with them. They should know about any fixes to currency codes that they have made and provide them to you.

If you do not use foreign currency calculations and are experiencing pre-payroll problems, let me know by replying to this post. As I said, we’ve seen this kind of thing happen in a number of instances. Whether Oracle has or hasn’t resolved the problem for you, we’d like to know.