If you have been wondering whether it will be worth your while to attend Oracle OpenWorld (OOW) this fall, I have news that could affect your decision. Sources at Oracle have told us that once again, JD Edwards customers will get their own “event within an event” at OOW this year. Indeed, EnterpriseOne and World customers will get two days of their own sessions along with the right to attend all other OOW events.

As you may have heard, this year’s OOW will once again be held in San Francisco from November 11 through 15. Just like last year, the JD Edwards team has reserved the Hilton San Francisco for an EnterpriseOne/World program. This year’s program will be held on November 14 and 15 and will include speakers such as EnterpriseOne General Manager Lenley Hensarling and World GM John Schiff. By the way, Oracle will also set aside an area in its Moscone Center exhibit halls for vendors who focus on JD Edwards products. We’re not sure where that will be yet, but we will let you know when the area is reserved.

If you want to attend OOW, be sure to check the OOW web site on or soon after June 22, as that is when Oracle plans to open registration. Reserving a hotel room, much less reserving one at the Hilton, will get much harder the longer you wait. Trust me on this one, as we’ve attended every OOW for the last three years and know from personal experience.

By the way, Oracle’s organizers for the JD Edwards days are happy to talk with you about the event. If you have any questions, suggestions, or brilliant ideas, feel free to email Rudy Lukez about them at rudy.lukez@oracle.com. Tell him that the JD Edwards Advisor sent you!