Recently, conducted a survey of 683 professionals who make IT decisions at Oracle shops. When the study participants were asked about their plans for implementing a service-oriented architecture (SOA) at their site, a full 84% said that they have not implemented a SOA on any level. When the “have no SOA” participants were asked if they plan to implement a SOA in the future, 48% said they plan to implement one within the next three years. However, the remaining 52% said that they did not know if or when their companies would take the SOA leap. If you do the math, this means that around 44% of all Oracle customers have no plans for implementing a SOA.

Our gut feeling is that among Oracle’s many customer communities, JD Edwards users are probably one of the more cautious groups when it comes to deploying SOAs. However, we don’t want to assume something about you that isn’t true. That said, we are running an informal survey on our own of the JD Edwards community. To take part in the survey, just proceed to the “Leave a Reply” box at the bottom of this page. Type your answers to the following questions in the box.

  1. Have you deployed any SOA technologies or components at your site?
  2. If you have not deployed any SOA technologies or components, when do you plan to do so?
    A) Within two years from now
    B) Within three years from now
    C) More than three years from now
    D) Never
    E) Not sure

Feel free as well to share any thoughts you might have about SOA. Do you think that it can yield any benefits? Is it real or is it just a marketing slogan that vendors are using to convince companies to spend more money? What kinds of SOA technologies do you intend to deploy?

We hope that you make your contribution to this brief survey by typing your responses in the Reply box below. By the way, if you are concerned that you might reveal information about your company by submitting your response via this web site, feel free to email your answers to me. In a few months, I’ll tally the votes and update our readers on what we learned.