For months, Oracle has been quietly working with dozens of regional solution providers to create a portfolio of industry-focused applications for small and medium-sized businesses (SMB). Three weeks ago, the software giant took the stage with 25 of those providers to announce the first fruits of their joint effort. Fortunately for JD Edwards customers, many of the new industry offerings are based on EnterpriseOne.

The announcement marks a milestone for an initiative known as Accelerate that Oracle launched in March of this year. Accelerate is Oracle’s strategy to deliver applications that are tailored to the needs of SMB organizations in more than 70 industries. Each Accelerate offering is based on the complete code base of one of Oracle’s four primary enterprise applications:  E-Business Suite, JD Edwards EnterpriseOne, PeopleSoft Enterprise, or Siebel. Oracle offers these products at steep discounts to its Accelerate partners along with tools to configure the applications to vertical industry requirements. Oracle also provides tools and technologies that reduce the time, resources, and expertise needed to deploy the resulting applications.

The JD Edwards Connection

Over the last several months, many regional solution providers have teamed up with Oracle to create Accelerate solutions. Indeed, sources inside the company are telling us that more than 200 providers have agreed to bring Accelerate offerings to market. From what we know about these providers, it appears that at least a third of them are using EnterpriseOne as the code base for their offerings. Many of these providers have spent years developing products for selected industries. Because of Accelerate, much of their intellectual property could now become part of offerings that Oracle will jointly market with them.

As the following table shows, EnterpriseOne assumed a prominent role at Accelerate’s inaugural product announcement. The table shows the EnterpriseOne-based offerings that Oracle announced along with the name, region, and industry focus of the Accelerate partner. 

Accelerate Offerings That Are Based on JD Edwards EnterpriseOne

Accelerate Partner Name and Industry Focus of Offering

Partner Region

AMX International Oracle Accelerate Solution for Local Governments


De Theus Oracle Accelerate Solution for Wholesale Distribution


Fusion5 Oracle Accelerate Solution for Life Sciences


PT. Berca Hardayaperkasa Oracle Accelerate Solution for Food and Beverage


Pyxis Oracle Accelerate Solution for Life Sciences Medical Device Manufacturing


S & I Systems Oracle Accelerate Solution for Marine Engineering


Syntax Oracle Accelerate Solution for Industrial Products and Component Manufacturing


Systime Oracle Accelerate Solution for Products and Components Manufacturing


Terillium, Inc. Oracle Accelerate Solution for Heavy Equipment and Machinery Manufacturing


Whitehouse Oracle Accelerate Solution for Wholesale Distribution

United Kingdom


As the table shows, the first flight of EnterpriseOne-based offerings covers many organizations in the manufacturing, distribution, and public sector markets. From what Oracle sources are telling us, the coverage should become broader and deeper in a matter of months. That is because the company is planning additional announcements over the next year, with each event putting another flight of Accelerate offerings on deck.

Now that Accelerate has gone from being “slideware” to actual software, the initiative should start to have a positive impact on the buying decisions of SMB organizations. That can only be good news for EnterpriseOne, as Accelerate will bring additional SMB customers to the JD Edwards application suite.