This Tuesday, Oracle’s Accelerate initiative—the software giant’s program to tailor its applications to the needs of midsize companies—got a boost in its fortunes from three events. First, more than a dozen Oracle business partners unveiled Accelerate solutions for several industries, including many offerings based on JD Edwards EnterpriseOne. Second, Hewlett-Packard announced hardware reference configurations for Accelerate applications that are based on EnterpriseOne and E-Business Suite. Third, Andrews Consulting Group (ahem…that’s us) released a report that examines Accelerate and concludes that it has significant potential to make Oracle a mid-market application leader. If you want to go straight to the report to read our assessment, you can get it now from our white papers section.

As you may remember from my last article about Accelerate, Oracle gained greater visibility among midsize companies back in August when 25 of its business partners announced Accelerate applications. This week, Oracle got another lift when 13 of its partners announced 16 additional Accelerate applications. The sweet thing about those applications (at least for our community) is that half of them are based on EnterpriseOne. Here’s a complete roster of the EnterpriseOne offerings; the vendors with asterisks after their names announced their offerings this week.


Oracle Accelerate Offerings Based on JD Edwards EnterpriseOne (** = New Offerings)

Accelerate Partner Name of Offering

Partner Region

AMX International Oracle Accelerate Solution for Local Governments


Atlantic (Amazing Technologies)** Oracle Accelerate Solution for Wholesale Distribution


Axline Commercial Services** Oracle Accelerate Solution for Wholesale Distribution


BPI Technologies** Oracle Accelerate Solution for Life Sciences


CD Group** Oracle Accelerate Solution for Wholesale Distribution


Corning Data Services** Oracle Accelerate Solution for Wholesale Distribution


De Theus Oracle Accelerate Solution for Wholesale Distribution


Fusion5 Oracle Accelerate Solution for Life Sciences


PT. Berca Hardayaperkasa Oracle Accelerate Solution for Food and Beverage


Pyxis Oracle Accelerate Solution for Life Sciences Medical Device Manufacturing


S & I Systems Oracle Accelerate Solution for Marine Engineering


Satyam Computer Services** Oracle Accelerate Solution for Professional Services


Sunway Business Applications** Oracle Accelerate Solution for Engineering and Construction


Syntax Oracle Accelerate Solution for Industrial Products and Component Manufacturing


Systime Oracle Accelerate Solution for Products and Components Manufacturing


Terillium, Inc. Oracle Accelerate Solution for Heavy Equipment and Machinery Manufacturing


Whitehouse Oracle Accelerate Solution for Wholesale Distribution

United Kingdom

Wilus Co.** Oracle Accelerate Solution for Life Sciences


At Last…Reference Configurations from HP!

After Oracle showcased the latest Accelerate offerings, Hewlett-Packard revealed that it has developed reference configurations for running Accelerate applications based on EnterpriseOne and E-Business Suite. Better yet, HP published the configurations on its web site so that we can all benefit from them. The computer giant now offers reference configurations for 25, 50, and 100 EnterpriseOne users. These configurations are relevant not only for Accelerate offerings, but for all EnterpriseOne applications.

If you’ve ever struggled to get system sizing guidance from HP for an EnterpriseOne configuration, I bet that you’re joining with me now in saying, “It’s about time!” For years, HP has lagged IBM in providing useful sizing guidance to the JD Edwards community. Let’s hope that this is the start of a closer relationship between HP and the JD Edwards team in Denver.

Our Newest White Paper

Since many Oracle Accelerate offerings are based on EnterpriseOne, the initiative could play a significant role in bringing new customers to JD Edwards solutions. That makes Accelerate a program to examine closely. Indeed, that is exactly what we did in our latest white paper. In the paper, we assess Accelerate to determine whether it has the potential to meet the needs of midsize companies. We also compare Accelerate to similar mid-market programs being launched by Microsoft and SAP. As I said earlier, we’ve posted our analysis in our white papers section where you can download it. By the way, Oracle has also posted the paper on its web site; just scroll down to the Accelerate section of the Analyst Reports page to find it.