So…you didn’t make it to OpenWorld? Or you made it and attended a great session, but wish you had the slides so you could share some hot ideas with your colleagues?

I have good news for you. Oracle’s OpenWorld web site delivers much of the content that you missed at absolutely no charge. You can watch full video footage of the keynote speakers along with the slides they presented. You can stroll through a virtual DEMOgrounds and Expo area and download the collateral that was handed out at the booths. You can even download the slides from many of the sessions.

To take advantage of this wealth of material, point your browser to the OpenWorld web site. Click on Keynotes to view the main tent speeches and download their content. Click on Content Catalog to download the slides from many of the sessions. (Provide the username “cboracle” and password “oraclec6” to download each session.) Click on DEMOgrounds Collateral and Partners Collateral to download the booth handouts. (Click the up/down arrows in the left-hand column to see the available collateral.)

If you don’t have the time or the bandwidth to download your way through the OpenWorld site, there’s another way to take in the show from a distance. However, it will cost you. For a mere $150, you can order the OpenWorld 2007 DVD/CD kit with all of the video keynotes, most of the session slides, and other conference collateral. Oracle plans to ship the kits during the week of December 24, so you can treat it as a late Christmas gift to your company.