In yesterday’s column about Oracle’s new integration between JD Edwards EnterpriseOne and Demantra Trade Promotions Management, I mentioned that I was asking Oracle for additional details on the offering. Little did I know that I would receive those details today.

As I mentioned yesterday, the integration supports EnterpriseOne 8.12 and Demantra 7.2. Naturally, that left me wondering whether users of EnterpriseOne 8.11 and earlier are left out in the cold when it comes to using the new offering. As it turns out, many such users may be able to deploy the integration with a little help from Oracle or a skilled systems integrator. Here is what Bob Monahan, Director of Product Strategy at Oracle, wrote to me about the matter:

“The Demantra 7.2 integration could be back ported to JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 8.11SP1 with little services changes because the EnterpriseOne applications that are being used in the integration have not fundamentally changed from release 8.11SP1 to 8.12 (where we built the integration). The JD Edwards EnterpriseOne applications used in this integration do start to change more the further back the release. Releases prior to 8.11SP1 would just take some more services work to adjust the integration we delivered against 8.12 to the architecture and applications of those earlier releases.

“The[new Demantra] integration was delivered against Tools Release 8.96, which was the ‘general availability’ tools release in conjunction with Applications Release 8.12. This integration will also work with forward Tools releases such as the recent Release 8.97. The integration may work with earlier Tools Releases, such as 8.95 that was delivered with EnterpriseOne 8.11SP1. However, we would strongly suggest that customers consider using the tested 8.96 or above Tools Releases, which also provide greater value to customers in many other areas besides just this integration.

“We would still recommend Demantra Release 7.2 since this was the specific release against which we built the integration with Demantra.

“Remember, we had JD Edwards customers licensing and building services-based integrations to Demantra on their own long before either JD Edwards or Demantra were acquired by Oracle. However, changing both the Demantra and JD Edwards EnterpriseOne releases to earlier released versions starts to add more complexity and variability to which the current delivered integration may not be well suited.”

So there you have it…If you have EnterpriseOne 8.11SP1 or above and EnterpriseOne Tools 8.96 or higher, deploying the integration with Demantra Trade Promotions Management may only require some minor changes. However, you would be well-served to stick with Demantra 7.2. If you’re already running an earlier Demantra release, consider upgrading.