While last week’s COLLABORATE conference has been “front of mind” for many of us, other events have been taking place over the last month that are affecting the lives of JD Edwards users. With that in mind, here’s a quick review of those events and their implications for EnterpriseOne professionals. (Be sure to read this article to the end, as I close it with a valuable offer from Oracle.)

Premier Support Ending for EnterpriseOne 8.9.

If your company runs on EnterpriseOne 8.9, be aware that Premier Support for this release will end in less than five months. Here is what Oracle said in its letter to customers.

  • EnterpriseOne 8.9 Premier Support ends on September 18, 2008. Oracle will continue to address SARs reported for 8.9 before this deadline. However, no new SARs will be accepted after this date.
  • Until September 2009, Oracle will make Tax, Legal, and Regulatory updates for calendar year 2008 available to customers with current maintenance contracts. Year-end support will not be provided for 2009.
  • No Extended Support is offered for EnterpriseOne 8.9.
  • The ending of Premier Support will mark the beginning of Sustaining Support for EnterpriseOne 8.9, which will continue indefinitely.
  • EnterpriseOne Tools 8.97 is the last Tools release that will be certified with EnterpriseOne 8.9.

What’s the bottom line on this announcement? If you stick with EnterpriseOne 8.9, you will get basic technical support from Oracle. However, you will get no regulatory updates beyond those for 2008, you won’t get any SARs, and you won’t be able to deploy new Tool releases. If you want or need any of these, consider an upgrade soon. By the way, you can get Extended Support contracts until at least 2013 on EnterpriseOne 8.11 and 8.12.

For more information from Oracle on this subject, be sure to visit the Customer Connection site.

EnterpriseOne 8.12 Update 3 is Available!

Earlier this week, Oracle announced that EnterpriseOne 8.12 Update 3 is now available for downloading. This update contains all Electronic Software Updates (ESUs) and Application Software Updates (ASUs) completed since EnterpriseOne 8.12 was released (April 2006) through February 5, 2008. Installing this update (plus any ESUs released since February 5) will bring your installation up to the latest maintenance level.

By the way, this update is not a prerequisite and can be installed at any time. With EnterpriseOne’s net change feature, only objects changed by JD Edwards EnterpriseOne since they were last installed on your machine will be merged with existing objects. This means you should (cross your fingers) be able to install Update 3 without overlaying previously applied ESUs. For more information and to download the update, head over to the EnterpriseOne Software Delivery page on the Customer Connection web site.

Statements of Direction for EnterpriseOne 9.0 and Tools 8.98 Hit the Street

If you want the inside dirt on what Oracle is planning for the next releases of EnterpriseOne applications and tools, I have good news for you. The software giant just released Statements of Direction (SODs) for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 9.0 and EnterpriseOne Tools 8.98. If you have access to Customer Connection (which you really need to get the full value from this article anyway), just click on the following links to download the SODs:

If these links don’t work, head over to the EnterpriseOne Upgrade Resources page first, then click into the SODs from there.

A Special Gift…Just for Advisor Readers!

There are special benefits to being a JD Edwards Advisor reader, and here’s one of them. At COLLABORATE, Oracle was handing out a brand new version of its Digital Resources Disk to EnterpriseOne users that is packed with valuable information. This little CD-ROM has it all…upgrade and migration guides, data sheets, case studies, developer and systems manager guides, white papers, and links to valuable web sites.

If you don’t have the Digital Resources Disk, here’s how you can get one. Send an email to Rudy Lukez, the mastermind behind “the Disk”, at rudy.lukez@oracle.com. The subject line of your email should read “JDE E1 CD-ROM Request.” Tell Rudy that you would like him to mail you the disk and that you were sent by the JD Edwards Advisor. Give him your company name, a company mailing address (no PO Boxes), and your corporate email. If you are among the first 100 people to make this request, you will receive the disk in the mail. The first 25 people will also get a JD Edwards EnterpriseOne ballpoint pen. (Fine print: This offer valid for JD Edwards customers and prospects only. Oracle employees and their families…not to mention JD Edwards competitors…need not apply. Allow 7 to 14 days for delivery.)

While we’ve taken a break from COLLABORATE news to bring you this fistful of EnterpriseOne news, we still intend to give you a full report on the annual conference. Be looking for further assessments of the big event in future articles.