When we began the JD Edwards Advisor more than a year ago, we thought of it as a platform where the founding companies (Andrews Consulting Group and GSI) could offer insights and guidance to the JD Edwards community. While we still think of it that way, we know there are many other firms out there that have great information to share with World and EnterpriseOne users. With that in mind, we’ve decided to give them a place where they can share that information…in our Research and White Papers section.

I am pleased to announce that one company with a wealth of JD Edwards experience is already occupying this new place on our site. That company is WTS, a leading provider of hosting, disaster recovery, and other managed services to JD Edwards customers. WTS has been kind enough to provide two excellent papers to you, our readers. One paper covers disaster recovery planning in a JD Edwards environment, while the other discusses considerations for having JD Edwards EnterpriseOne hosted by a service provider. I would encourage you to cruise over to our new page for white papers from other companies so that you can download these papers.

By the way, if your company has written any papers for the JD Edwards community that you would like to share with us, please send me an email with your proposal and copies of your papers. I’ll be happy to give them my immediate consideration.