Last week, Oracle announced plans to retire Web Services Gateway (WSG) and Extended Process Integration (XPI) from JD Edwards EnterpriseOne. While the company has made noises about putting these offerings out to pasture for some time, the announcement puts definite dates on the event.

Beginning September 1, 2008, Oracle will no longer offer WSG with EnterpriseOne Tools. However, existing users will still be able to access WSG via the Update Center. In addition, Oracle will provide Premier Support for the offering through October 1, 2010. This means that WSG will continue to receive updates, fixes, and certifications for new EnterpriseOne releases. After October 1, 2010, WSG will move to Sustaining Support, which provides technical assistance and pre-existing fixes for known issues.

As for XPI, many of you may know that PeopleSoft ceased offering these interfaces with EnterpriseOne Tools shortly before Oracle acquired the company. Once Oracle took over, it put the final XPI release — which shipped with EnterpriseOne Tools 8.94 — on Premier Support. In last week’s announcement, Oracle extended Premier Support for XPI 8.94 to October 1, 2010. After that date, XPI move to Sustaining Support along with WSG.

Hello EnterpriseOne Business Services!

Oracle has decided to sunset these technologies for a simple reason. The vendor’s strategic platform for application integration going forward is neither WSG nor XPI. It is the EnterpriseOne Business Services gateway that the software giant delivered with EnterpriseOne Tools 8.97. Unlike WSG and XPI, which include proprietary integration methods and hard-wired connections, Business Services complies with industry standards and the loosely coupled integration paradigm of today’s service-oriented architectures. Business Services is also a key component of Oracle’s Application Integration Architecture (AIA). As result, Business Services can publish, consume, and administer AIA-based web services as native objects, something that WSG and XPI cannot do.

Now that the phase-out of WSG and XPI is official, EnterpriseOne customers who are using these technologies should make concrete plans to migrate off them by 2011 at the latest. Any migration will involve the deployment of EnterpriseOne Tools 8.97 or higher. In addition, customers running OneWorld Xe or EnterpriseOne 8.0 will need to upgrade to current EnterpriseOne releases. Just as importantly, developers should retrain themselves on Oracle JDeveloper, as this is Oracle’s strategic platform for working with Business Services objects.

Fortunately, Oracle has already provided some tools for the migration process. The Update Center offers web services for downloading that cover most of the functionality found in WSG. Information about Business Services can be found on the EnterpriseOne SOA Enablement site along with a Red Paper about migrating from WSG to Business Services.

Of course, this web site and the team at Andrews Consulting Group stand ready to help you with your migration efforts. To learn more about Business Services and AIA, read the articles we have written on both subjects that are listed below. If you want to discuss your migration options, send an email to our JD Edwards team or call us at (800) 775-4261. Feel free as well to leave your thoughts about Oracle’s action in the comment box below.

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