Now that the dust is settling from the whirlwind that was Oracle OpenWorld, it is time for all of us to discuss what we learned from the event. As many of you who went to the conference have told me, however, you are still trying to figure out what was said and what it all means. With that in mind, here are three things you can do to sift through the mountain of information from OpenWorld and pull out those pieces that are important for your company.

First, you can download many of the JD Edwards presentations that were made during OpenWorld sessions. To do this, just click over to the OpenWorld Content Catalog, then do a search on the “JD Edwards” stream/track. You will find more than 80 presentations on every imaginable topic that are available for downloading. Just click on the paper clips to the right of each presentation. These presentations are free for the taking to anyone who had a full conference pass to OpenWorld.

If you do not have a full conference pass, here is my second suggestion. For $700, your company can purchase OpenWorld 2008 On Demand. This web-based offering gives you access to 1,700 keynotes and breakout sessions in an online streaming rich media portal. You can search for the sessions you want to watch, comment on and rate presentations, and discuss them with your peers. This is a great education deal for many companies that could not attend OpenWorld.

Finally, I would like to offer you, our loyal readers, a little gift. While we were at OpenWorld, we were fortunate enough to receive a small stock of “Digital Resources Disks” from the JD Edwards team. These mini-DVDs are crammed with a wealth of information on both EnterpriseOne and World. They include product data sheets, Flash demos, programmer’s guides, statements of directions, release value propositions, white papers, case studies, and many other useful resources.

That said, here’s our offer. We will mail a Digital Resources Disk to the first 50 of you who send us an email requesting a copy. To get your copy, please send an email to Lisa Brewer ( with the following information:

  • Your full name
  • Your job title
  • Your company affiliation
  • A business address to which we can mail the disk
  • Your phone number
  • Also, tell us whether you are running JD Edwards World or EnterpriseOne

If you are a World customer, we will also send you a copy of a fact-filled information sheet that the World team provided to us. The sheet includes information on all of the top members of the World team, links to useful JD Edwards web sites, and other indispensable tidbits.

I do hope you will take us up on our offer. Whether you do so or not, keep an eye on this web site over the coming days, as we will be offering our own reflections on what we learned from OpenWorld 2008.

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