For months, Oracle has been telling JD Edwards customers that someday, it would move our support resources from the current Customer Connection website to the MetaLink site created for users of other Oracle products. I am here to tell you that someday has finally arrived. However, Customer Connection is not moving to the MetaLink portal that its current users know and love. Instead, we’re all moving to MetaLink 3, a new version of the portal that enhances the support experience. The switchover is scheduled to take place during the weekend of November 7 to 9.

After doing a walkthrough of MetaLink 3, we think that most customers will embrace the new portal once they get through the initial learning experience. MetaLink 3 should make it much easier for JD Edwards professionals to find the documentation they need, submit and manage Service Requests, and download updates and fixes. Besides streamlining these tasks, the revamped portal enables users to personalize the portal to meet their unique needs. Moreover, it offers new tools, such as HealthChecks, that can diagnose potential problems in application configurations and propose solutions.

Of course, switching to a new support platform is a hassle regardless of the benefits it may bring. To address the migration headaches, Oracle is offering dozens of live webcasts and recorded training modules to show you how to get registered on MetaLink 3, then get to work on the portal. To learn more about the switchover and access the training materials, head on over to the JD Edwards Support Transition page on the Customer Connection website. Be sure to check out the Transition FAQ, which provides excellent background information on the migration effort.