By David H. Andrews

Were back! After a short period without postings we are ready to launch a new era for The JD Edwards Advisor. After acting as Editor since its inception, Lee Kroon has moved on to help grow a new business outside the IT arena. He may occasionally offer an opinion here as time passes but will not be a regular contributor. We cannot thank Lee enough for all he did for us and the JD Edwards and AS/400 / System i communities over the years.

For now, I will personally be acting as editor in addition to my duties as CEO of Andrews Consulting Group (ACG). Many others from within and outside our company will be helping to maintain the flow of useful information to the JD Edwards community. One of the first will be Wayne Travis, one of the most experienced JDE consultants and project managers at ACG. An article introducing Wayne will follow.

We are going to try a new format and style for The Advisor in 2009 partly in reaction to the glut of depressing news that assault us daily. Few of you need to hear any more bad news so we will try to revel in the positives we can find in our corner of the world while presenting the intelligence we uncover in a style that hopefully will be mildly entertaining. It will be hard to find a million laughs in the news about World and Enterprise One, but where practical we will try to present useful information in an easy to understand and interesting way.

There will be more opinion injected into the thoughts offered along with some unabashed speculation – some of it based on the thinnest of evidence. Those wanting deeply researched analysis presented in pedantic language (at a great cost) will need to turn to the traditional industry analyst firms such as Gartner, Forrester, IDC or AMR. Each of them has a firmly established place in the IT industry and we will not attempt to duplicate what any of them do.

Hopefully many of you will be inspired to contribute comments or raise issues. As long as it is of general interest to the JD Edwards community and tactfully stated we will welcome an input.