Hi – I’m Wayne Travis, a new contributor to the JDE Advisor.  Like many of you, I have been on the JDE and ERP rollercoaster for nearly 20 years – plenty of time to develop lots of observations and opinions.  Overall, I am a big fan of JDE software but that won’t stop me from pointing out some of its quirks (and how others have overcome them).  As a project manager in both large and mid market manufacturing and distribution companies I have experienced and observed many successes as well as bumps in the road involving enterprise software implementations:


  • Implementations that came in ahead of schedule, and others that got off track and never finished.
  • A fortune spent on customizations that led a few years later to the need to spend an even larger fortune un-doing them.
  • Resistance to change – The Project often requires fundamental change, something few of us are really comfortable with.  Your people will fear any necessary change, and they will resist.  Underestimating the power of the resistance and not preparing your company for change are among the most common reasons for failure. 

My role at the JDE Advisor will be to offer advice, opinions, information and news regarding project management, the JD Edwards and ERP realm, and anything else in business and IT which appears interesting and relevant to our readers.  I assure you that my intent is to be objective, informative, and impart common sense based on engagements where I have seen ups and downs.  For those curious about my career up to this point and current focus, here are some highlights:


A CPA with over twenty years of experience planning, managing, and participating in business process transformations, operations activities, and analytical and systems initiatives engagements.  These engagements typically involved JD Edwards ERP projects involving financial, distribution, manufacturing, logistics, and supply chain management integration.  I am a Senior Engagement Manager for Andrews Consulting Group currently focusing on:


·         Business Transition Planning, Improvement, and Integration through the project life cycle. 

·         ERP Packaged Software systems evaluation and selection

·         Project Planning, Implementation, Project Management, and Project Methodologies




 Please feel free to contact me by phone at 203-271-5642, or by e-mail at wtravis@andrewscg.com