Next week over a thousand of the JD Edwards faithful will gather in Orlando for Collaborate joined by many more from the PeopleSoft and Oracle database communities along with vendors and others that support and sell to us.  From what we hear registrations are down modestly from last year in Las Vegas, but not as much as we would have thought given the state of the economy.  With luck, we will not all be walking through the expo hall wearing anti-swine flu masks.


In the past Charles Phillips has used his keynote at Collaborate to introduce major new initiatives such as Application Integration Architecture.  This year we expect that his major theme will revolve around Oracle’s big push in Business Intelligence.  There is a chance that the Sun acquisition will pre-empt BI as the big news item.  Our best guess is that Phillips will comment briefly on the situation with Sun but stifle discussion saying that the deal is not yet official and therefore cannot be explained yet in detail.


World customers will be cheered with happy news as release 9.2 will be featured in numerous sessions and demos.  We hear that representatives from two customers will be present to talk it up.  The Advisor will provide more input on this front if we get it before Collaborate starts.


Those of you with an interest in BI (and Oracle is going to say that should be all of you) might want to sign up for a talk by my associate Bill McGinnis on Wednesday morning at 8:30AM in room 308B on The Business Case for Business Intelligence.  This non-technical presentation will help you understand why Oracle, IBM and other major vendors are all now saying that Business Intelligence is the next big thing in IT.


Those wanting to understand BI and data warehousing at a more detailed level will want to hear Joe Guerra on Wednesday at 9:45AM in room 310A presenting Making Business Intelligence Work Best.  For the past three straight Collaborate conferences Joe’s presentations have been to standing room only audiences so get there early to get a good seat.


Please come look us up at either of our booths in the expo hall.  We are always looking for fellow JD Edwards advocates to share gossip with.  Suggestions for subjects to cover in The Advisor will be most welcome.  Our larger booth will be dedicated to RapidDecision, a BI and data warehousing offering.  The nearby smaller booth will focus on RapidReconciler, a badly needed software tool for bringing your JD Edwards Inventory and GL systems into balance.


Our condolences if you can’t make it next week.  Count on us to provide a summary of what we learn.