The headline news coming out of Collaborate is usually a concept or product introduced with great fanfare in a keynote.  Oracle President Charles Phillips unveiling Applications Unlimited a few years ago comes to mind.  While such announcements provide cool things to talk and speculate about, often their immediate relevance to individual attendees is low. 

On the other hand, the whole cost and time spent attending Collaborate can be more than justified if just a few nuggets of practical, usable information fall into your hands over the course of the conference.  Ideas that can be immediately applied to make a difference in your business are the most valuable thing that most of you will bring home (not counting, of course, the cute rubber chicken with the vendor logo on it that will so delight your four year old). 

One of the most popular Collaborate serendipity discoveries last year for more than 100 attendees was a highly specialized software offering called RapidReconciler.  Its purpose is quite modest – quickly resolve the maddening differences in balance between JDE Inventory and GL modules that tend to crop up at period end.

  1. If you are the person stuck dealing with this issue this is a big deal, especially if every month for a few days you have to come home long after your four year old has put away the new rubber chicken and gone to bed. 

For the few hundred Collaborate attendees who understand this very particular issue and want to know what to do, two sessions are just what you need.  Next Tuesday in room 309A Ed Gutkowski will present Inventory Reconcilation – There has to be a better way! and on Wednesday he will present GL to Perpetual out of Balance? Problem Solved in room 309B. 

Ed will also be hanging out through much of the conference in expo booth #5353.  He won’t have cute rubber chickens to hand out but will have some goodies to take home for the little ones to play with.  More importantly, he may get you home at a more reasonable time at month end.