Oracle recently provided additional significant evidence that it will continue to enhance JD Edwards World software with the release of JD Edwards World A9.2.  This is a continued encouraging sign that the software giant is living up to its Applications Unlimited pledge to invest in JD Edwards World and EnterpriseOne software while providing the option for customers to branch out to Fusion at their choosing.

Along with others, some of the significant enhancements to JD Edwards World software available in A9.2 are:

  • Improved Web Interface
  • Enhanced Compliance Support
  • Additional Lean Manufacturing Capabilities
  • Advanced Forecasting capabilities to help anticipate market needs
  • Enhanced EDI Processing
  • Expanded Approval Management
  • New Customer Driven License Module with Purchase Card
  • HR/Payroll enhancements with Labor Reclass and History Adjustments
  • Localization improvements for global operations
  • Augmented spreadsheet Import/Export functionality
  • Expanded UPK Training Content
  • BI Publisher Integration capabilities

The Advisor had an opportunity to speak with the CFO and internal executive sponsor of the very first JD Edwards World install base customer to upgrade to World A9.2.  Mr. David Bryant, CPA is CFO of Maxco Supply, Inc. in Parlier, CA and is Vice President of the JD Edwards World User Group.  Maxco Supply is a leader in packaging solutions and packaging machinery for the agriculture industry.  Mr. Bryant was very gracious in extending the time to discuss his and Maxco’s experience with JD Edwards World over the years, and their recent upgrade to World A9.2.  Having started his career with Arthur Anderson, Mr. Bryant went to work for Maxco Supply 25 years ago and has contributed to an extremely impressive revenue growth during that time. 

Maxco Supply was outgrowing Mapics in 1995 when the ERP software replacement search began.  Maxco Supply was already happy with the IBM Midrange platform, so the ERP software would need to run on the IBM AS/400.  The selection was made, and JD Edwards World Software was chosen.  The core suites of JD Edwards World A6.2 Financials, Distribution, and Manufacturing were initially implemented in an amazingly short time frame of 6 weeks.  The implementation project was a huge success.  Only one outside consultant was used, and that was for a short time in the training area.  A number of months later, Maxco successfully implemented the Payroll module of JD Edwards World A6.2.  

The generally accepted best practice of minimum modifications to the ERP software was utilized by Maxco with a result that there is little or no custom code.  The management team led by Mr. Bryant instilled the philosophy that feature rich and flexible ERP software like JD Edwards World can be set up and utilized more or less with the “Vanilla” “Out of the Box” functionality.  The thought is that companies can and should match best business practices to the attributes of a robust and quality ERP packaged software solution like JD Edwards World.  

Over the years, Maxco had upgraded from JD Edwards World A6.2 to A7.3 to A9.1, and now to A9.2 in order to take advantage of software functionality and technology enhancements as they are made available.  Maxco was the second global JD Edwards World customer to Go-Live on release A9.1, and the first to Go-Live on JD Edwards World A9.2.  

Utilizing best practices upgrade implementation methodologies, the A7.3 to A9.1 upgrade took only three weeks, and the recent upgrade to World A9.2 from A9.1 was basically performed in only one week.  Maxco so far is very pleased with World A9.2 with minor if any issues discovered thus far.  The upgrade was a “seamless process” to the end users states Mr. Bryant.  

Having been one myself, this author and Mr. Bryant agreed that there is a very loyal JD Edwards World install base following to this day with the belief that this venerable ERP packaged software solution will have a very bright future for years to come. 

Our congratulations to Maxco Supply, Inc. and Mr. David Bryant on the success of their company, and for their effective management and utilization of Oracle’s JD Edwards World software.

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