img_0085Collaborate it does not feel much different from last year.  Given the constant bombardment of negative economic news over the past 6+ months a different mood could have been expected.  Instead, all the usual things continue to go on.  Almost all presentations start out with a preamble about dealing with tight budgets but otherwise it seems like business as usual, perhaps because those really suffering are the ones that did not come. 

The comic relief was provided today by JDE VP Lyle Ekdahl who provided a nice summary of the latest enhancements and what is scheduled to come next while holding on to a beautiful but noisy parrot.  The only thing the parrot did right was to play dead when Lykle shot at it with his finger.  The lesson seemed to be that a bird in hand is worth two short laughs but then needs to be handed to someone off-stage. 

Lyle followed his boss Lenley Hensarling who mostly reviewed themes and messages that had been presented in the past.  The job of Lyle and the parrot was to repeat and amplify what Lenley said.  Perhaps the symbolism of the parrot involved reminding us that Oracle’s messages were going to be repeated until we got them. 

To greatly oversimplify the key points Lenley and Lyle made: 

  • Both E1 and World are here to stay and will be supported indefinitely.
  • A steady flow of nice but modest new features will continue.
  • The most important new capabilities will come from other Oracle applications that will be tightly integrated with JDE.
  • Most of these “edge” applications have come from acquisitions.
  • Application Integration Architecture (AIA) is the set of standards that allow all the things Oracle has bought over the years to integrate elegantly.
  • This year’s featured edge applications provide cool analytical dashboards.
  • The new tools release 8.98.1 has the usual set of nice to have improvements. 

Both presentations ran a pre-recorded demo that showed a cool new way to imbed analytics created in a Business Intelligence applications within the regular JDE E1 screens.  We will cover this capability later in another posting and will hopefully be able to provide a link to the demonstration so you can see it yourself.

More to come soon – stay tuned.