casinoMany of you were unable to go to Collaborate in May due either to cutbacks in travel budgets or fear of catching the swine flu.  Hopefully, as the season for regional events kicks off at Foxwoods Casino July 15-17 many of those who could not come to Orlando will be able to free up the time and funding for the regional conference that is nearest to you.  The other events are in San Diego August 19-21, and Chicago December 8-10. 

The best source for detailed information about any of these regional events is the Quest web site . 

I will be at Foxwoods all day on Thursday the 16th and welcome the opportunity to meet any of you that would like to exchange ideas in person.  Andrews Consulting Group will have two booths in the expo area and if I am not near one when you stop by any of my associates that are there can track me down.  We will be conducting four sessions that I will definitely be attending :

#62570 Inventory Reconciliation-There has to be a better way! Thursday July 16th 10:40 Room Bravo A

#62580 Making BI Work Best, Wednesday July 15th 2:10 pm Room Bravo A

#62590 How to Implement a Successful BI Solution, Wednesday  July 15th 3:20 pm Celebrity Ballroom J

#62600 The Business Case for Business Intelligence, Thursday, July 16th 10:40 am Celebrity Ballroom C

Expo visitors can all get a free copy of my book Revolutionizing IT: The art of using information technology effectively.  Just stop by either the Andrews Consulting Group or the RapidDecision booth.   Advisor readers can follow the link and also receive a free copy of my book.

Consistent with what this blog has been saying for months, the big theme Oracle is promoting in 2009 is Business Intelligence, which they prefer to refer to using the even grander term Business Performance Management (BPM).  Oracle sponsored events at the regional conferences starting at Foxwoods will have a heavy BI/BPM flavor as a result.  After the conference we will report on what we learn. 

Those on tight travel budgets, especially anyone living within driving distance, should consider just coming for the day on Thursday.  The expo will be open all day, the main keynote is that morning, and a high percentage of the sessions occur then.  Doing it that way makes for a long and tiring but also very cost effective day. 

I hope to see lots of you there.