After Labor Day I will be posting an important article about the unique relationship between Oracle and IBM and all that it has withstood.  In the meantime, here are a few tidbits that represent tangible evidence that the friendship between these two industry giants remains strong for now. 

The first is a tuning guide for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne customers that use IBM Power Systems servers (the new replacement for AS/400 and System i). It outlines key JD Edwards EnterpriseOne parameters and settings for optimal performance and is based on lab tests and customer feedback.  Those who have not yet moved up to a Power System server but are considering doing so might want to have a look as well.  Click here to get the download

I have also obtained a paper that describes Universal Batch Engine (UBE) performance tests done for the Donaldson Company to assess the performance improvements available from upgrading to IBM i 6.1 and to POWER6 processors. The results show that i 6.1 provided an improvement of approximately 10-13 percent when compared to i 5.4. The results also show that POWER6 processors and i 6.1 together provided an improvement of approximately 58 percent when compared to POWER4 processors and i 5.4. This validates previous results which indicate significant performance improvements available from POWER6 processors and i 6.1.  Click here to get the case history download

For those that have not looked into it, the case for moving up to IBM Power servers looks quite compelling to us.  When evaluating it don’t forget to factor in the difference in power and AC, a major source of savings (and another little way to help save the planet).  Check it out for yourselves.