Two years ago we published a list of the top ten things that JDE customers need to know.  Looking back it held up very well.  Enough time has passed that it seems to make sense to make up a new list so here goes: 

  1. JDE has settled in as a successful part of the Oracle product line.
  2. You will not be forced to convert to Fusion or anything else.
  3. The benefits of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) are quietly arriving.
  4. Oracle hates to spend money on marketing. 
  5. Oracle and IBM both agree that BI is the next big thing.
  6. Cracks may grow in the IBM / Oracle relationship.
  7. Stay on your IBM System i (aka Power servers) for as long as you like.
  8. You will eventually need a new development environment.  Oracle and IBM will fight hard to sell you one.
  9. Staying relatively current on releases is worth the effort.
  10. Acquisitions will continue until there is little left to buy. 

Starting next week, we will be significantly increasing the number of new postings and otherwise upgrading and improving this site.  Over time expect a separate posting expanding on each of the topics listed above so stay tuned.