People tend to have strong feelings about Oracle Corporation – some very positive others quite negative.  Whatever your emotional feelings are, it is time to put them aside.  Oracle now controls the fate of the JD Edwards software so what matters is what Oracle does, not how loveable it is. 

Personally, I knew little about Oracle when it bought PeopleSoft – my overall impression was quite negative.  News of the acquisition was appalling since I imagined countless horrible things that might happen.  Happily, my concerns were unfounded – JD Edwards and its customers are far better off under Oracle’s ownership than they would have been as an independent company or a part of some other entity.  Not everything has gone perfectly, but the positives have greatly outnumbered the negatives.  

After more than four years trying to do so, I cannot claim to fully understand Oracle.  It is a mysterious, complex entity that does not ever completely reveal itself.  Managing Andrews Consulting Group forces me to make assumptions about what Oracle will do next.  This makes it necessary for me to invest a great deal of time trying to figure Oracle out. 

The Understanding Oracle series of postings will share what I have learned so far, ruminate on what it appears to mean, and speculate about what is likely to happen next.  Hopefully, it will inspire some of you to add to your own observations and opinions. 

This series of postings will continue for as long as there is interest and we have new insights to provide.  Its goal is to help the JD Edwards community better understand Oracle Corporation so that we can all make better decisions. 

Let us know either through a posting or directly via email what you want to know about Oracle and we will try to cover it. 

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