register_bannerOpen World starts next Sunday and I will be there with so many different hats to wear I may need to pay extra for checked luggage.  My first goal will be to collect useful intelligence and you can count on numerous postings based on what I uncover.  A larger than usual number of JDE experts from Oracle will be present and nearly 100 sessions of interest to our community will be presented, some in a shorter than an hour format as an experiment. 

My JDE contacts expect a decent turnout from our community but I suspect attendance will be down from last year.  For those who cannot go, send me a note if there is anything specific you are looking for news about.  I do know that the turnout of JDE centric vendors will be light this year. 

On Monday I will be in Moscone West room 2003 at 2:30PM local time to accept an award on behalf of one of my JDE clients.  I can’t disclose the details until after the presentation but any of you that are at the conference and free at that time might want to come and sit in to see one of your peers be recognized by Oracle. 

I will be wearing my vendor hat (actually it will be a blue shirt) on Tuesday night when the JDE and PeopleSoft attendees gather for a social hour at the end of the day.  Andrews Consulting Group will be introducing a PeopleSoft version of our very popular RapidDecision pre-built data warehouse.  We will have a vendor table in the PeopleSoft area.  If you are attending and want to say hello look me up there. 

Going in, some of the things I hope to learn more about include: 

  • Will plans for JDE evolution change at all with Lyle Ekdahl now in charge?
  • Are Fusion Applications really on the horizon (and should we care)?
  • What will happen once Oracle actually takes over Sun?
  • Are JDE customers buying Oracle’s many “edge” applications?
  • Has the Oracle view of BI changed since last year? 

Suggestions to add to my list are always welcome.