Larry Ellison customarily takes the OpenWorld stage on Wednesday afternoon.  Sometimes to promote something minor (once it was a new support offering for Linux), and occasionally to break some much bigger news.  I just learned that tomorrow’s keynote will fall into the big news category.  Readers of this blog know I have been skeptical about Fusion Applications in terms of when it might actually arrive, how dramatic a step forward it will be versus traditional ERP packages, and how many organizations will be ready to dump existing ERP suites to move to something new. 

Tomorrow, apparently Ellison hopes to convince cynics like me that something big and important is about to happen.  I sincerely hope he proves me wrong and comes out with something overwhelmingly wonderful.  Under the most optimistic assumptions about what it will be I cannot picture it having much impact on the JD Edwards community for many years.  I will welcome being wrong, since that would mean something compelling has become an option for us. 

Stay tuned for more news as I learn more.