Lyle Ekdahl (Oracle’s new JDE development executive) kicked off the JD Edwards specific sessions Monday morning.  Sadly, now that he has been promoted he can’t bring the zaniness to these presentations that once was his trademark.  The best he could do was pass out little bags of candy.  There was no big news to be shared, but lots of tasty little tidbits (not counting the M&Ms). 

Little of general interest was formally announced.  For example, BI connectors for World 9.2 were introduced for Financial modules only.  Something of potential interest to a very small segment of the community.  Likewise, the items on the list of things under development for next year was largely items that, while cool, only appeal to niche segments.  For example a new JDE module will be introduced for the unique needs of apparel businesses featuring capabilities such as size, style and collections. 

About 200 of the faithful showed up leading me to guess that the total turnout of JDE partisans for all of OpenWorld could not be much over 1,000 since this was the most important JDE specific presentation. 

Gee whiz factoids offered included: 

  • Net new license revenue continues to grow even in the face of recession.
  • Japan has been a surprisingly strong market recently.
  • 79% of E1 accounts are now on release 8.11 or above.
  • 14% of E1 customers are on 9.0.
  • 18% of World customers are on 9.1 or 9.2.
  • 35 JDE people have come to OpenWorld (not counting a marketing dude). 

Privately, Lyle told me that not much will change as a result of the transition from Lenley Hensarling.  I ran into Lenley on the street.  He was there meeting a prospect for his new start up venture and not as an attendee.  Lenley seemed excited about his new challenge. 

No one from JDE land can or will comment on Ellison’s big Fusion news coming Wednesday afternoon.  I doubt if they know much yet anyway.  Stay tuned – more news coming.