2009JD Edwards EnterpriseOne customer Reflexite Corporation of Avon Connecticut was one of 15 organizations that won Oracle’s “Enable the Eco-Enterprise” award at OpenWorld last week.  As the CEO of the firm that installed the software at Reflexite I had the honor of accepting the award on behalf of Reflixite, whose CIO was unable to attend.  Tom Hughes, CEO of WTS was also honored as the Oracle partner firm that provided hosting services for the JDE software that Reflexite uses to run its business.
This award is meant to recognize organizations that use Oracle products in ways that improve the environment.  As a company that offers a variety of reflective coatings and related products, Reflexite has always been sensitive to the environmental impact the materials it uses to produce its products.  This concern extends to making efforts, using information obtained from EnterpriseOne, to minimize its environmental impact through energy savings, reduced paper usage, and waist elimination.
The awards were presented by Oracle Board Chairman Jeff Henley as an indication of the importance Oracle places on being environmentally responsible.  A panel of executives provided a summary of some of the things Oracle was doing itself to enhance and protect the environment.