The first complete update to EnterpriseOne Release 9.0 is now officially available.  It comes approximately one year after the introduction of 9.0.  A number of features and reports have been added but most of them will only appeal to a small subset of our community.  In general, improvements to the base JDE modules are becoming increasingly narrowly focused due to the maturity of the product.  The big exciting new capabilities are increasingly arriving as add-on “edge” applications such as Oracle Transportation Manger or are part of the BI infrastructure that is implemented outside of JDE. 

To learn more of the details about 9.0 Update One go to and search on 948962.1.  Note that this is the new My Oracle Support web site that went live for JDE customers in August. Update One to 9.0 could trigger another wave of upgrades but not because of any specific features it contains.  This is because some organizations follow an informal rule to avoid upgrading to a major new release until a full update comes out.  Such a practice is commonplace with Microsoft products because of the all too frequent high levels of bugs in major releases.  There was a time many years ago when the quality of JDE software was not predictably high.  JDE customers who follow the “wait for an update” rule are often those who were burned in the past. 

Since Oracle has taken over, the quality of JDE releases has improved significantly.  Concerns about early adoption of new releases will likely diminish over time as it becomes clear that they can be trusted.  We think that the capabilities provided by the release should be the key to deciding when to upgrade, not concerns about quality.