In an earlier posting I speculated that Lyle Ekdahl’s keynote session on Monday at Collaborate might be toned down versus his previous ones now that he is one of the big shots.  My inside sources indicate that this may not be the case.  It is kind of like the old joke “How do you keep an elephant out of the theater?  Answer – you can’t, it’s in his blood.”  In a similar fashion, there is only so much Lyle’s handlers can do to keep him from being entertaining – it’s in his blood.

Rumor has it that we could even see someone famous on stage as well.  Elvis or members of the Rat Pack are the obvious choices for Vegas, but Lyle is more of an out of the box type so I think it may be one of the aliens that landed in nearby Roswell in the 1950’s.

The best thing about previous Lyle Ekdahl presentations is that they tend to be both entertaining and filled with useful information about our favorite ERP software.  Let’s hope this one becomes an instant classic.