On of the least understood technical topics of interest to the JDE community is the need for real-time data warehousing and what is involved in implementing it.  A new white paper on this topic will be available soon on the Andrews Consulting Group website.  Advanced copies of it were provided to visitors to the RapidDecision booth at the recent Collaborate show.  Those who can’t wait to see the paper can send an email to info@andrewscg.com and a copy will be sent out to you right away.  Those not in a hurry will be given a link to download it as soon as practical. 

Sorry, but I can’t provide an independent review of the paper since I helped with the writing.  I can tell you that the ideas in the paper all came from Joe Guerra, the widely acknowledged leading expert on this subject.  Over 200 real-time data warehouses designed by Guerra are in use around the world today – more than from any other single source.  My contribution was to try hard to make the subject easy to read and interesting.  Feel free to let me know how you think I did. 

The key messages of the paper are that organizations are realizing that a data warehouse is a vital part of any Business Intelligence strategy and that the best way by far to keep the warehouse in synch with the data from its sources is to continuously send changes to the warehouse.  The options for doing so and the pros and cons of each are explored.  The one approach that seems to work satisfactorily is explained in some detail. 

JDE customers are more fortunate than those using most other ERP packages in that it is possible to get a real-time data warehouse up and running at an affordable cost in just a few weeks.