Oracle has very successfully closed the books on fiscal year 2009 and already held its new year’s sales kickoff events including a web based event for partners.  Little in the way of news came out of it other than a relentless message to partners to become highly specialized on a subset of the 10,000 products Oracle now sells.  Partners were told that the new year is one in which we all need to “lean in”.  This was Oracle’s awkward way of saying “Absorbing Sun will consume most of our energy so we won’t be doing any big new announcements.  Help us by keeping up sales of all the stuff we now offer including whatever new we announce at OpenWorld.” 

I am anxiously awaiting Quest Northeast on July 21 and 22 here in Connecticut at the Mohegan Sun casino.  As previously noted here I will be offering a session on Understanding Oracle on Thursday the 22nd where I hope to meet some of you in person. 

Between now and then I will be taking some time off and calling on a few remote clients.  As a result, this will be my last posting for a few weeks.  After that I expect that there will be lots to write about as OpenWorld approaches.