A blog web site called Software Advice written by Stephen Jannise offers some interesting speculation about what Oracle might acquire next.  I found his analysis an interesting read.  The site offers a chance to offer your own opinion on what might get bought next.

I personally took the survey and voted for Informatica as the most likely of the choices on the list he offered.  Multiple Oracle insiders I have talked to believe that there is a strong interest by Oracle.  For some unknown reason the deal refuses to fall into place.  When too much time passes, Oracle frequently loses interest and moves on – what I suspect has happened here.

My own belief is that none of the companies that Jannise mentions are likely to be next up.  My read of the tea leaves is that the Sun acquisition was so big and challenging that the next few acquisitions will be small ones.  Most likely they will be companies that few of us have heard of.  Oracle has not permanently lost its appetite for deals, but the pig that was just swallowed has to pass through the python before it gets hungry again.

If a blockbuster deal is next such as Teradata, VMware or Computer Associates, it won’t therefore happen for quite a while.  Besides, none of the ones mentioned in the article seem like a great fit for Oracle to me.  I was able in this blog to correctly guess that Oracle would pick up the pieces when IBM failed to acquire Sun, but my assumption was that it would turn around right away and spin off the hardware.

Have fun joining in the guessing game if you want.  Right now I am personally more focused on seeing how Oracle will digest what it has already eaten than being concerned about what is next.