For those of you looking for a way to get news and information about JD Edwards one sentence at a time, your dream has come true.  Lyle Ekdahl and others from the JDE management team have set up a Twitter account @OracleJDEdwards.  I have to give them credit for trying something new and trendy.  At the same time, I will freely admit to being too old and cranky to fully appreciate this new communication medium. 

Being a writer from the old school, I do not know how to convey much of value in 140 characters.  In his early posts Ekdahl also seems to be struggling to find his voice.  A recent post informed us “Paris day one. 3 customer, 3 internal sales meetings. Tout est bon!”  The jet lag he alluded to in another tweet may be the reason why posts like this seem to lack what the French would call panache. 

If someone forced me to tweet on a business trip, I might have experimented with a more poetic style such as “Eating, walking, glancing out a window … Ah, Paris! You make the ordinary sparkle with joy… even explaining tools release 8.98” 

Lyle Ekdahl is the most likeable and entertaining member of Oracle’s senior management team.  It is always fun to hear him speak and to wonder what innovative sight gags he might choose work into a presentation.  I hope to be proven wrong, but Twitter may turn out to be too limited a medium for him to use to convey anything other than mundane details about his day. 

Try it out for a while and let me know what the rest of you think.