Some of you have sent notes wondering why there have not been any postings to this site in recent months. The pause has been temporary, and for a good reason. All available time has gone into undertaking a major expansion of Andrews Consulting Group – one that will allow us to provide the Oracle applications community with even more useful advice, information, and observations.

The details of what is happening at our company will be posted soon on our own web site. The bottom line is that we are investing to meet rapidly growing demand for all the services and products we offer. Interest remains especially high in BI solutions for JD Edwards and PeopleSoft.

Expansion plans include hiring a person that will follow the markets for Oracle applications and BI solutions and make regular postings to this site. In the meantime I will continue to read the tea leaves as best I can and will cajole my associates to weigh in when they have something to offer.

Postings that get the most positive feedback are the ones that attempt to interpret what Oracle is doing. This appears to be a result of the extreme secrecy that is so much a part of the Oracle culture. Our goal will be to keep sharing anything useful that we uncover and try our best to makes sense out of the limited amount of information that seeps out.

 Realistically, there is not going to be a great deal of news to report in 2011 that is specifically about the JD Edwards and PeopleSoft product lines. As very mature products there is not a lot left for Oracle to do to enhance them. Users of these applications still have lots of open questions about the technologies that surround them and the company behind it all which we will attempt to help answer.

 Following OpenWorld, I have completely updated the presentation made on “Understanding Oracle” at the Northeast Quest conference in July. It has not been presented yet in a public forum but a number of our customers have now seen it. Based on their favorable reactions I will be continuing to refine our views about Oracle itself and will work those ideas into future postings.

During 2011 our postings will also focus on Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing, and anything else that helps facilitate decision-making. Every indication is that this is where many of you will be investing in improvement next.

 Let us know what topics interest you or where your biggest concerns lie. If we have something useful to offer we will weigh in.