A JDE customer has told me that the local Oracle applications sales team is pushing his company hard to replace JDE with eBusiness Suite. In doing so the Oracle team has lost all credibility with this customer and has made serious enemies out of the many JDE advocates within his company.

I have heard a few similar stories in the past but never learned any of the details. The obvious question is whether this is an isolated incident or part of a broader trend. Most likely this is simply one local sales team going rogue in a desperate attempt to make year-end quota. I am curious, however, to find out if others out there have had a similar experience.

There are cases where eBusiness Suite might be better suited in the long run to meet the specific needs of a given organization. A situation could be imagined where a customer had an old JDE release with massive modifications and was ready to make a wholesale change. If the industry fit was much better eBusiness Suite might be a better fit. In the case brought to my attention these conditions were not present. A few very rare exceptions aside, I believe that replacement of JDE with eBS is a very bad idea.

With Fusion Applications now scheduled to finally arrive later this year, signing up for a switch to eBS now sounds like complete madness. If an organization is going to face the cost and effort of an ERP replacement, why put in something that is about to be replaced with a next generation product just before the new one comes out?

Much of my time next week at Collaborate will be spent at the Expo area Quest is calling the “Country Club”. My company is a co-sponsor. It is a large area that will be hard to miss and will feature various golf activities. Non-golfers will be quite welcome as well. If you have a story about a rogue Oracle rep or anything else you want to share with me please stop by.

Those of you that are not able to come to Orlando can email me in confidence if you have a story to share. If your company has any concerns about the long-term viability of JDE applications there are lots of good sources of soothing information that we can direct you toward. The JDE team in Denver is also always willing to talk to customers directly about the future of the product. They are a far more reliable source of useful information than field reps trying to make quota.

I am confident that there has not been a policy shift within Oracle to encourage moving off JDE. In the distant future those ready to consider a replacement will be steered toward Fusion Applications.