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For more than 25 years, Andrews Consulting Group (ACG) has been helping clients get the most possible value from JD Edwards and other mid-market software applications. ACG helps organizations understand, select, install, upgrade, enhance, extend, and fully exploit applications software. Hundreds of companies across North America have benefited significantly from our assistance.

In 1987, ACG published a white paper that broke the news of IBM’s plans for the AS/400 server line. Well over a million copies of the more than 60 white papers that have followed have been circulated. These papers, along with speeches and presentations, have firmly established our reputation as a vital source of accurate, readable, interesting information about both the mid-market for software and JD Edwards applications. This web site represents a new way to share the kind of information that ACG has been collecting for JD Edwards customers for over 20 years.

Today, ACG serves the JD Edwards community in four ways:

  • JD Edwards application assistance including planning, installation, upgrades, optimization, and advice (learn more).
  • Data warehousing and business intelligence tools including RapidDecision, the most advanced solution available for JD Edwards (learn more).
  • RapidReconciler, a solution that reduces the time and effort needed to balance inventory against the JD Edwards general ledger (learn more)
  • Custom software development, including application extension and enhancement (learn more).

ACG is known for providing outstanding people and client satisfaction. Part of the reason is the use of what we call The RITE Approach, a project management philosophy that has been documented in a book written by our founder David Andrews. The book — Revolutionizing IT: The Art of Using Information Technology Effectively — was judged by the Executive Book Summary to be one of the best business books in 2002. Click on the image below receive a complimentary copy of this book.


For information about:

JD Edwards Application Assistance, please contact:

Al Remediani
Ph: (203) 271-5602


RapidDecision, please contact:

Doug Corpuel
Ph: (203) 271-5604

RapidReconciler, please contact:

John Hein
Ph: (203) 271-5680

Custom Software Development, please contact:

Al Remediani
Ph: (203) 271-5602