Businesses today, whether small and large, have one paramount need in common: accurate information on demand in order to make the decisions that mean the difference between success and failure. RapidDecision, a vital bridge between ERP and desktop, delivers right-time information on demand to robust dashboards or helps you supercharge your reporting capabilities, depending on your needs. Either way, RapidDecision solves the key challenges of company information delivery: simplifying the process of getting information out of ERP applications and into the hands of key decision-makers.

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RapidDecision: The Engine that Powers Business Intelligence

RapidDecision is a unique tool that both powers and enhances Business Intelligence. At the heart of RapidDecision is its innovative architecture which connects an enterprise’s production application with front-end Business Intelligence and reporting tools more quickly and effectively than any other solution on the market. This architecture has helped many organizations take control and realize the potential of their companies’ information.

Whether you’re looking to implement a robust Business Intelligence solution with full-blown query, analytics and perfomance management features or simply want to enhance the reporting capabilities that help you run your business smoothly, RapidDecision is the critical piece to unleash the potential of the information you collect in your business on a daily basis. RapidDecision perfects the connection between your ERP software, additional data source applications and the desktops of your business’s key decision-makers.

A Leading BI Solution Among JD Edwards Users 

RapidDecision has been implemented by over 100 companies in North America that rely on EnterpriseOne and World. The following case studies demonstrate the value that RapidDecision delivers.

**Case Studies**

Bigelow Teas
Hamilton Sundstrand
Johnson Diversey

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