Supply Chain

Yesterday, Oracle took a big step toward integrating its Demantra applications more tightly with JD Edwards EnterpriseOne. The software giant announced an integration between EnterpriseOne and Demantra Trade Promotions Management. The new offering will make it easier for consumer goods companies and retailers to manage trade promotions and forecast their impact on demand levels.

The latest announcement marks the second time that Oracle has forged links between EnterpriseOne and Demantra. Last year, the company shipped an integration between EnterpriseOne and Demantra Demand Management. That offering tied the demand forecasting tools in Demantra to the Material Requirements Planning (MRP) and financial modules in EnterpriseOne. While the Demand Management integration was a welcome offering, it did not deliver everything that Oracle’s retail and consumer goods customers needed. With their heavy reliance on promotions to move products, these companies require additional tools to predict how promotions will affect demand forecasts.


Has your company ever tried to calculate the savings it could realize if it could make more effective shipping decisions? Since most JD Edwards customers are heavy shippers of unfinished supplies and finished goods, many of them could realize significant benefits from more intelligent systems for automating transportation-related business processes. As such, it did not surprise us to find a JD Edwards user that is reaping big savings from Oracle Transportation Management (OTM), a solution that Oracle acquired when it purchased G-Log in 2005. Fortunately for us, the customer — Minnesota-based Land O’Lakes — was willing to let us write a case study about its OTM deployment. This article tells you how you can get that case study and learn from the company’s experience.

Of course, Land O’Lakes is not the only company that is deploying offerings like OTM. However, what makes Land O’Lakes interesting is the fact that Oracle is increasingly encouraging JD Edwards customers to deploy OTM and other applications from its growing stable of acquired vendors. To make such deployments more appealing, the software giant is developing technology offerings to integrate some of its applications with JD Edwards software. While such offerings are still in their infancy, they have the potential to significantly expand the functionality that can be easily integrated with EnterpriseOne and World. That potential should expand as Oracle ramps up development of its Application Integration Architecture.