quest_lightgreen_web.gifAre you looking for a resource that can give you access to the type of solutions and ideas that make your JD Edwards headaches go away? If you are, we encourage you to learn more about Quest International Users Group.

Who are we?

We are a global, not-for-profit association for JD Edwards, Oracle | SPL, and PeopleSoft application users. As a worldwide community more than 50,000 strong, Quest and our affiliated user groups are a catalyst to maximize members’ business investments through the power of our community, tools, and experiences. Quest provides a unified voice into Oracle for JD Edwards and PeopleSoft users; timely, unbiased information; and networking events to benefit members’ total information technology and best business practice experience.

Why should you care?

Our tools, events, and networking opportunities are custom-made for users like you, and we’ve got a more than decade-long history to prove that they really work. Sign up for a membership today at our Membership Levels page. It’s cheap and there are options that allow up to 10 people from your company full access. Don’t waste any more time – there’s plenty to miss out on if you wait.

How can you and your company benefit from Quest?

Our community, online tools, and networking events help you get the most from your Oracle applications. Check out what we have to offer!

Our Community

  • quest1.jpgAffiliated User Groups. The networking within Quest isn’t limited to just our members. More than 70 affiliated (regional, product and industry-based) user groups are a major part of our community, and their own meetings are a perfect supplement to the larger conference Quest presents each year. By making these affiliates part of your total Quest experience, you’ll increase your contacts and knowledge tenfold. Signing up is free at our User Group home page.
  • Vendor Partners. Getting in touch with vendors, setting up meetings to talk about their services – even finding them in the first place – can be time-consuming, costly and hard. That’s why Quest provides you multiple ways to locate, talk with, and learn about the vendors who are tried-and-true in the JD Edwards and PeopleSoft world. You can access them online, at our conferences and read about them in Q&A – all standard parts of our membership package.
  • Oracle. Under Oracle’s User Group model, Quest is viewed as an umbrella group representing the needs and views of a large number of our individual members as well as our affiliate groups. Oracle relies on Quest for strong customer input – we believe being a part of Quest is the No. 1 way you’ll have the chance to let Oracle know what you think about the development of Fusion applications, your service and maintenance issues, and what you want out of your software right now. Oracle’s support of Quest’s mission has resulted in them providing an ex officio member for our Board of Directors, incorporating our sessions and receptions for users into their own schedule at OpenWorld, and providing content for our website and magazine.
  • Committees. Quest’s structure alone is unique. Where other organizations’ decisions are based on a variety of factors, ours are based on one: What our customers tell us they want. And one of the best ways we get that feedback is through our volunteer members who sit on committees planning everything from our events to the content of our magazine.

Our Online Tools at

  • Infocast. When you have a question about your software, turn to Infocast, where thousands of your fellow users are available as resources. You have their expertise and practical knowledge of what actually works – and full access is a part of your membership package, so there’s no additional cost. A recent major facelift has made Infocast easier than ever to use.

  • Enhancement Process. We know you’re tired of waiting on a valid way to get your ideas to Oracle. Send your feedback and ideas to Oracle, with the backing of your fellow customers, through Quest’s Enhancement Request Process. This process gives Quest’s community a way to submit and discuss their ideas and proposals for the Oracle products they use by involving Quest’s affiliated SIGs, IUGs, and PUGs and their Oracle points of contact.
  • Applications Pages. QuestDirect is not only a resource for tools, but it’s a resource for information – all in one place. Our applications pages break down the most important facts and resources for your product. Their content, driven by our three product advocacy committees, represents what our users think is most vital to making their software run. No more searching on sites that are hard to navigate – it’s all right here on QuestDirect.
  • Vendor Directory. As a part of your membership, we want to give you access to the highest-quality third-party vendors out there. And we don’t want you to waste your organization’s valuable time and money searching. So we give our members access to a directory that houses information on the vendors that are pertinent to them – easy to find and easy to contact.
  • Ask the Experts. Much like Infocast, Ask the Experts is designed to give you easy access to the folks who can actually answer your ERP question. Don’t waste time searching for the right resources or wondering what the real problem is. Go directly to our industry experts, where you’ll be able to ask unlimited questions for no additional fee – your membership is all you need.
  • Member Directory. When you’re not at a Quest event, there’s still an easy way to get in touch with members from your state, from your country, or from companies similar to yours. Using our member directory, available to all our members, will put you in touch with fellow Quest members who know what it’s like to be you – and who have answers that can make your job easier.
  • Job Bank. Whether you’re looking for opportunities or looking for the perfect addition to your work team, our job bank makes your contact list grow by leaps and bounds. As a member, you can search for your dream career or, if you’re an employer, sit back and wait for the perfect candidate to come to you.

Our Events

  • COLLABORATE. The COLLABORATE conference provides an opportunity for users to network, learn from one another, and share their thoughts and ideas. Also, from main stage speakers to education sessions and demo areas on the show floor, Oracle is providing a high level of involvement in our event. COLLABORATE is an experience like no other conference, as we’ve expanded our opportunities by co-locating with the Oracle Applications Users Group and the Independent Oracle Users Group.
  • Regional Events. With the assistance of our affiliated user groups in different areas, Quest puts on several co-located events, such as Quest Northeast (a first this year) and Quest Midwest. These smaller events give attendees the opportunity to attend a conference near to them and network with other users in their area.

quest4.jpgThe bottom line is you belong in Quest. Applying online is easy – it’s just a matter of letting us know who you are and which Oracle applications you are using. Different pricing and participation levels are available, so go to our Membership Levels page to see which option fits your needs.

For more information about Quest, email or call 1.800.225.0517 (in North America) or +1 859.226.4307 to speak with a Quest staff member.