If you love a freebie, I have good news for you. For a limited time, Quest—the international association for JD Edwards and PeopleSoft users—is allowing anyone to download the slides from all of the education sessions held at Collaborate 07. This is not just an offer for Quest members; anyone can download the slides and benefit from them. So if you could not attend last month’s annual user conference (or if you attended and want to build on what you learned), just go to the download site.

Before you click off to Quest’s web site, there are a couple of things you should know. First, not all of the slides are available yet because the presenters are still submitting them. I have noticed, however, that the number of available slide decks has been steadily increasing over the last several days. Second, Quest will not make the slides available to the public forever. The organization will move them to its Education Archive at the end of May, a place that is only available to Quest Members. So if you want to build on your JD Edwards expertise, check out the Quest site today. And while you’re at it, think about becoming a Quest member if you’re not one already. For all the work it does on behalf of users, the organization deserves our support.